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A Premier Wedding Venue

A picturesque wedding venue located in the heart of the Okanagan countryside is seeking an investment of $150,000 to expand its infrastructure. The owners of the company have already put up $50,000 of their own funds towards the mission and have additionally secured the land. The investment opportunity is for shares in the private company, with interest paid out annually over a period of 5 years. The funds raised will be used for a registered capital investment in infrastructure, including the construction of new event spaces, the upgrading of existing facilities, and the purchase of new equipment.

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The Market

The wedding venue market is currently experiencing steady growth, with a projected market size of $298 billion by 2023. The demand for unique and upscale wedding venues is also on the rise, as more and more couples are looking for personalized and intimate experiences for their special day. Investing in this venue is a good opportunity as it is well positioned to capitalize on these trends.

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The Proof

Thomas Ridge Estate has already secured a prime location 25+ acre property to host the meadery/events venue. The property is situated in a picturesque country setting, surrounded by natural beauty, providing the perfect park-like backdrop for any special occasion. WIth only 30 minutes to the nearest airport and 2 minutes to the nearest town, it's just the right ammount of escape. The company has also developed roads leading to the property, ensuring easy access for guests and vendors. Landscaping has been planned and executed, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for guests. The company has also begun infrastructure planning, permits and has contractors booked and ready to break ground on the meadery/events hall.

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  • Addition of on-site accommodation for guests, such as a vacation rental, to increase revenue from overnight stays.

  • Incorporation of sustainable practices to reduce the venue's environmental impact and appeal to eco-conscious couples and guests.

  • Development of an online booking system and mobile app to improve customer convenience and streamline the event planning process.

  • Investment in state-of-the-art technology and equipment to enhance the meadery/venue's audio-visual capabilities and offer a more immersive experience for guests.

  • Continually updating and renovating the venue to keep up with the latest trends and provide a modern aesthetic.

  • Increase marketing efforts to target specific demographics and expand brand awareness.
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